Sonoma Private Estate is a boutique land development offering buyers the opportunity to obtain premium land, location and lifestyle all on the doorstep of the popular and vibrant Swan Valley region.  Named after the town of Sonoma located in the San Francisco Bay area, the Sonoma Valley was the birthplace of the major Californian wine region with wine production dating back to 1857. The name Sonoma is synonymous with luxury, quality and history - making it the perfect name for our Private Estate here in Perth.


Swan Valley is a historical wine growing region which has become a popular tourist destination, offering a wide range of historic sights, artisan delights and cultural activities just minutes from the Sonoma Private Estate.


Wine production was established by Houghton's in 1836 in the Swan Valley wine region, and residents of Sonoma Private Estate can enjoy tasting premium wines and cheese or just let one of the area's many renowned restaurants create an unforgettable farm-to-table dining experience.


A short drive takes you to the historic town of Guildford which retains a village charm and features colonial buildings, antique stores, character pubs and an eclectic selection of arts and crafts.


Sonoma Private Estate offers a superior lifestyle where residents can truly enjoy the good life.

Sonoma Private Estate

Peter Gleeson
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