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Here are several things to consider in choosing your family's next home:

Can the area accommodate the size of my family?


To make sure that your family lives in relative comfort for the years to come, it is worth considering the size of the home you’ll be choosing.
Sonoma’s cottage lots allow homeowners to build up to 80% of the land area. This will give you the opportunity to design and build your house to accommodate the size of your family.


How accessible is the location?

Dayton was established in 2011 in the historical Swan Valley region and it is a prime choice of location for home buyers who are looking for a peaceful setting with easy access to the city and airport.
It is located near the city and has a solid infrastructure in place in the town centres of Ellenbrook and Guildford. Dayton offers all the benefits of peaceful living combined with the convenience of living near the city. 
Some suburbs that surround it include Beechboro, Brabham, Bennett Springs, Caversham, Middle Swan, and West Swan.

Can my kids play outside?


Many parents overlook their kids' outdoor needs. On the flip side, you need to factor in that a yard takes time and money to maintain.
Sonoma’s 300 to 500 square meter land area will make sure that you will have ample space to build a garden, a mini-playground, even a tree house for your kids.
If proximity to a playground serves your needs better, Sonoma is located near a large park where residents will enjoy a community environment and provide interaction with neighbouring families


What will education look like for my kids?


Sonoma will have enhanced education facilities with a new primary school planned for the community within easy walking distance to complement the current Caversham Primary School.

Want to know how to provide all these perks and benefits for your kids?

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Your kids will love living in Sonoma.

And here's why...


Sonoma is the ultimate choice in Lifestyle Living

Take advantage in securing one of only 9 cottage homesites being offered at Sonoma Private Estate in Dayton while enjoying a great view across Dayton’s largest community park that is currently being constructed.
These are premium homesites with rear garage access that allows you to build on the full 10 meter width of the lot without garages dominating the streetscape.
Sonoma is incredibly accessible. The gorgeous Swan Valley is a 5-minute drive away from you and you can drive to Perth in less than 20 minutes.
​The Arthur Street bridge (completion mid 2020) will provide a direct link to the Caversham Shopping Centre. Your kids will love the recreational activities that are within their reach.
Live in a harmonious community while enjoying the amenities. The local development plan includes schools, a district playing field and is close to the proposed Metronet station.
Education is more seamless when aided by technology. You can make sure that your children will always be connected with the world as all houses are NBN ready.

The Sonoma Family would be very happy to help you out at every step of the way.

...let us make it more accessible by giving you the best deal for the best price.

With generous building setbacks and a site coverage of almost 80%, these cottage homesites offer both diversity in the size of home you can build and flexibility in maximising full use of the homesite.

As a gift from the Sonoma Family to your Family, you will receive up to $12k of rebates on us on all cottage lots


Select your premium titled family size lot and receive your rebate at settlement.


Sonoma offers the largest family lots in Dayton at competitive prices and there has never been a better time to buy.


The Rebate is available on all 300 sqm cottage lots and will end on March 2020 (or until lots are sold).


Prices start from $193K after the rebate. This is a great opportunity for families that are looking for a comfortable home to settle in.

We at Sonoma would like to give all families the gift of living in paradise.

In Sonoma, we believe that the future of your children is priceless...


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