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Enjoy land big enough for your dream home.


Many families find that after months of visiting display villages,  a limited choice of home sites is available to suit the home of your dreams. Fortunately, Sonoma Private Estate has addressed this by providing land with sufficient size to accommodate the majority of homes on display.


Home sites from 299 square metres to 551 square metres will be available with the majority offering wide frontages and traditional lot sizes over 425 square metres.

Sonoma will provide a sense of arrival with a welcoming entry statement, road paving treatments and architecturally designed masonry front fencing to all cottage lots featuring built in letterboxes and street numbering creating the perfect streetscape.


With only 41 lots, Sonoma provides a rare opportunity to secure quality land in an exclusive boutique estate.


Numerous features of land in Sonoma include:


  • Reduced front, side and rear setbacks combined with increased site coverage enable you to maximise the use of the home site;

  • Stormwater connection points that eliminates the need of costly soak wells.;

  • No Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL) ratings on home sites is applicable eliminating additional construction costs;

  • Side and rear Colorbond fencing with front landscaping and reticulation;

  • A Class sites.


Construction of Stage 1 is now complete with titles now available.


With only 41 lots, Sonoma provides a rare opportunity to secure quality land in an exclusive boutique estate. Submit your interest below to find out how you can obtain the ideal land for your dream home.

Peter Gleeson
M: 0418 926 596


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